About Dogtooth Commercial Construction

About Mike

Mike Burns, owner and founder of Dogtooth Commercial, is experienced in the business of getting your business off the ground and running as soon as possible.
In addition to his respect for timelines and budget, Mike has expertise in technical plans, bylaws, building codes, municipal requirements, and the inspection process, streamlining your business renovation or industrial construction project. Mike’s attention to thorough planning prevents costly problems from arising later in the project. Everything about the way Mike works is about efficiency, quality, and providing you the best value for your dollar.

About Dogtooth

Dogtooth Commercial, based in Golden BC, is made up of dedicated, highly qualified tradesmen and workers, a number of whom have been working with Mike since he started up in 2002.

Mike’s commitment to providing year-round employment means that Dogtooth maintains the manpower and machinery necessary to efficiently tackle large projects such as industrial construction, business renovation, and commercial accommodation. The Dogtooth team is widely regarded as the best in town, combining respect, efficiency, and trustworthiness with unfailing attention to quality.

Trade Liasons

When we hire sub-contractors, we hire those whose work reflects our core values of respect, quality, efficiency, and good value. Sub-contracted work is completed on time and within the budget. We have positive and longstanding relationships with local trades that allow us to assure high quality workmanship throughout every aspect of your commercial or industrial project.

Worksite Management

We pride ourselves on maintaining an orderly, tidy site that reflects our respect for the public image of your business. Strategically placed storage containers and bins accommodate a methodical workflow and waste management system. Our workers are known for their friendly, welcoming, professional demeanor, and are always ready for a site visit from the business owner.

Keeping it Local in Golden BC

Dogtooth Commercial employs locally and sources the bulk of our materials locally, compelling Golden’s suppliers and trades to compete with Calgary services and prices. Having access to local sawmills and woodworking machinery means that specialty timber products can be custom milled and finished in town, which gives our workers the freedom to create beautiful and unique accents for your project.

Community Investment

Dogtooth Commercial invests in the community, through initiatives like providing labour, machinery, and materials to projects that improve the health and wellness of residents and visitors to Golden BC.  Recent contributions include our assistance with the installation of the Pump Track/Bike Skills Park and the removal and rebuilding of the Alexander Park Elementary School playground. Additionally, numerous local clubs and organizations benefit from monetary support for their activities.