Start up a business, update an existing business, or create a new facility with Dogtooth Commercial. Book an early consultation with Mike Burns to discuss location, feasibility, bylaws and building codes before you break ground on your new project.

Dogtooth Commercial is experienced and competent at complete commercial and industrial building projects, including commercial staff and tourist accommodation. We have expertise with technical plans and municipal requirements, and our strong working relationships with inspectors and other officials help your commercial or industrial building development proceed efficiently and successfully.


Whether you are starting, enlarging or moving a business, every day counts.

Dogtooth Commercial will get you up and running with expert consulting and efficient completion of your commercial building project on time, on budget.


Dogtooth Commercial has the equipment, the expertise, and the manpower necessary to complete your industrial building project quickly and efficiently.

Count on us to deliver reliable, high-quality work on tight margins and timeframes.


Provide accommodation on a larger scale.

Choose from an array of styles, including timber frame, log cabins, or traditional stick frame with custom accents to create beautiful, inviting staff and tourist accommodation.